Thursday, September 21

Box Show – Pleasance Courtyard

I went into the venue for The box show not really knowing what to expect apart from the presence of a box, as I walked in, that was exactly what was there, a big black box raised off the ground with 4 doors on the front. An upbeat pop song was playing, and without sounding too much like Brad Pitt in Seven, I found myself wondering “what’s in the box?”

The show started as the lights went low and a booming voice over came on introducing Cheryl, she flung open all four doors and was sat inside the box in her own little disco. She started her crazy dance moves and antics – popping pills, downing drinks and buying a cat. You’d be wrong if you guessed which one was more dangerous for her.

The lights went off and the box was closed, this happened many times to switch scenes, this was kind of an awkward transition every time that we, as an audience, were just sitting in the dark with music looping.

The variety of scenes made it feel like a whole universe inside a very small space – we had characters in the middle of a break up, a mime spy, a heart-warming story about a huge woman in a tiny town, and loads more. The switching between the characters however was a bit clunky and took away from the comedy of the show.

Overall, the “Box Show” is a 3 star comedy adventure that’s all about thinking outside the box – pun totally intended. With a bit of polish here and there it could be a smash hit. So, if you’re up for Cheryl’s dance moves, upside-down dancers, and stamps singing, get yourself a ticket.

Reviewer: Stephanie Dunk

Reviewed: 13th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.