Thursday, December 8

Avocado Presents: Improv – Barons Court Theatre

Avocado presents improv started and ended with Hazma Mohsin and Jake Migicovsky eating guacamole and chips. Through the show Jake and Hazma experimented with various different characters. Every time the story ended they rearranged the chairs and started a new story with different characters.

Avocado Presents: Improve is a fun way to shake up your Thursday night trip to the pub. At the end of the show the actors also invited the audience to come and hang out with them!

Jake and Hazma did have some funny moments and demonstrated that they had good chemistry on stage together. This show has allot of potential and room for further growth. With some more work this show could be hysterical. It would

be good to see Jake and Hazma ask the audience for some prompts rather than doing a reversed improv show.

Jake and Hazma did a good job of using the stage space and were aware that their audience was on all 3 sides of the stage. They also made use of the empty seats sitting next to audience members which was fun to see.

Julia Miller-Blakewell did a fantastic job on lighting and music improvising and the lighting and sound cues. At certain moments Jake and Hazma asked for certain songs and Julia was able to jump on these changes super swifty.

The shows downfall was that many of the jokes were inside jokes between Jake and Hazma and audience members that they knew. Other jokes were very slapstick. However, I do think that there is a lot of potential for Jake and Hazma to build further to make this show funnier. It’s worth noting that next Thursday 10th November there will be tickets for £2! And if your ever in The Curtains Up on a Thursday night it’s worth popping in for some comedy.

Reviewer: Jennifer Laishley

Reviewed: 3rd November 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★