Thursday, September 28

Anna Vanosi Jazz Trio – The Jazz Bar

Escaping the bagpipes, the ticket pushers, the crowds and the traffic, to rest at peace for a quick hour and bathe in a little pool of jazz bliss with the Italian Diva herself, Anna Vanosi is just about perfect.

Set below ground in the subterranean bunker that is The Jazz Bar, near the Museum, in Central Edinburgh’s melee, Vanosi ushered us through quite a quick catalogue of songs, mostly above love or lost love in the language of love, Italian. And some in the much less romantic English.

Either language was fine with me, Vanosi’s voice was nectar in both.

This is Vanosi’s second show at the Fringe this year, at the same venue, having completed a run of shows last week entitled, Late Bloomers Tales, which I also thoroughly enjoyed, but in a different way. The previous show is more a series of stories, with a sprinkling of songs. This was more of a straight music session with Vanosi accompanied by two fabulous musicians in their own right; David Patrick on a beautiful little Baby Grand, with a tone to die for, and Cameron Bradley on the Double Bass. Each had ample room and space and time to express themselves.

The song choices are also a delight, many of the Italian numbers I hadn’t heard before. My own favourite though, Don’t Go To Strangers, an old Winehouse recording of which is well worth taking time to search out. I also loved Speak Softly Love made popular by the film, The Godfather, sung in Italian.

My only criticism, why was this not another hour longer?

Vanosi only has one more gig at The Fringe this year. Don’t miss it.

Reviewer: Greg Holstead

Reviewed: 15th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.