Sunday, July 14

An Evening of Burlesque – Adelphi Theatre

This variety show of burlesque was introduced as the longest running burlesque show in the UK. It contained magic and artistic performances were a stark contrast to what may have been known as burlesque ‘Victorian or French style’. The show opened with the host Ivy Paige who explained her career as a previous lap dancer, show girl and alluded many times to her experiences and cosmetic enhancements. She encouraged greatly audience participation, photography and to cheer “her girls and boys on”.    

Featuring strip tease, tantalising dancing provided the audiences with appreciation of the world of tease and burlesque. The nudity was tasteful and within the context of dance and flexible extensions and body control, which was artistic. The nudity did not appear shocking and quite natural. Ivy Paige referred to it being a night of erotica and adult entertainment. 

The music featured recognisable songs, version of Locomotion as the artist’s gave a slow tease stripping down to their minimal but sparkly under garments.

Artists included, Velvet Jones, performed an exotic feather fans dance with her strip and lots of bottom twerking to the joy of the audience. Sebastian Angelique, a male burlesque dancer dressed as a gangster showcased his skills with a routine of razzle dazzle and fire while only wearing a thong. Matt the stagehand was introduced as a wannabe burlesque star became the fun escapologist and drafted in audience members to help him out. The headline act introduced as Isabella Bliss, the sexy Marilyn Monroe lookalike showcased her voluptuous body and did achieve a sense of fun and humour to the stage as Marilyn Monroe. Isabella performed a couple more routines, one being the famous champagne glass routine where water is involved.

Singing and tap dancing entertainment was provided by Saucy Davis Jnr whose smooth, voice was had an air of sexiness, his act entertaining.  The trio of dancing girls came out several times for different routines, they outfits changed with their style of dancing and they endeavoured to maintain the mood of tease and erotica, however felt at times as being in a lap dancing club. The audience appeared to lap up the entertainment and enjoyed the banter with Ivy Paige. The show was very ‘variety’ and felt at times disjointed and unconnected. It lacked the true essence of what burlesque is all about, maybe not the artists fault but more a sign of the times. The show would have been enhanced if the strip tease was one section of the show towards the end all artists together, with the anticipation of what was to come. Expect feathers and glittering costumes, cabaret and circus stars, comedians and champagne showgirls. 

This show will appeal to audiences whom enjoy audience participation with jokes and banter and nudity, don’t go if you do not.  Not a show for the true lovers of burlesque however it was genuine, sassy with glitter, lights, tassels, feathers, G-strings and plenty of nudity for all to see. An Evening of Burlesque has captured elements of burlesque with a 21st Century twist.

Reviewer: Michelle Knight

Reviewed: 10th October 2023 

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 2 out of 5.