Friday, March 1

Always on my Mind – The Living Record Festival

Always on my Mind is a short snapshot of life in lockdown written by Liam Alexandru and directed by Theodore Gray. Based on Alexandru’s 2016 play of the same name, this impressively compact piece captures the spirit of today’s world while telling the story of two very real and complex characters.

Stacey (Lucy Syed) and Curtis (Charles Lomas) have been apart for six months and Stacey has reluctantly agreed to a video call. Their breakup was messy and both of them are still upset about it, particularly Stacey.

The video call is of course awkward as the characters exchange mundane pleasantries about life in quarantine. We hear the characters’ thoughts through inner monologues presented by the same actors in the background, and old feelings are quickly aggravated as tensions rise leading to a heated and brutally honest argument.

This is a brilliantly performed piece which honestly captures the clumsiness of an encounter after a separation as well as showing the stress of being a key worker during the pandemic and the listlessness which can occur during a long period of furlough.

The actors have excellent chemistry and the relationship and the pain caused by it feels authentic. There are some very funny moments during the thought monologues and the performances of these inner thoughts are particularly good.

This is a genuine and emotional piece of theatre which will speak to anyone who has ever loved someone who didn’t love them back or found themselves in a relationship with someone they didn’t love.

Always on my Mind  is being streamed until 22nd February 2021. Tickets are available here

Reviewer: Donna M Day

Reviewed: 3 February 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★