Tuesday, October 3

Algo-Rhythm – The Bill Murray

Algo- Rhythm by the ‘Useless group’ is a dynamic trio with memorable and relatable Musical comedy. They serve it with a twist as fresh and delicious as mint chocolate chip gelato. They burst with enthusiasm on stage. Leoni Amandin, Sinead Hegarty and Rebeka Dio have wicked sorcery under their wings.

They dig deep into their experiences of being queer, creative and navigating the world around us. With some adorable use of sock puppets and cardboard cutouts, their audience interaction game is strong, confident and sassy! It is delightful to hear the clarinet, piano and ukulele being played through the show by the talented performers, seamlessly changing roles and pitches.

They combine the whimsical of ‘where do eels come from?’ with matter-of-fact sharing of trade secrets that they actually use ‘rhyme zone’ for their effortless poetry. Then, proceed to share a song with no rhymes, which your brain surprisingly fills in all the pauses. They don’t miss a beat to call out the white man with the white van on his unasked attention or the number of choices for the simple cup of coffee. They successfully bend the boundaries of musical theatre and comedy and serve something very fresh and authentic. Head over to their social media, and they are gathering stories about our housing woes, and that’s a song I can’t wait to hear.

My only complaint is that the show was only 50 minutes long; I can’t wait to see them again and hear more of them. There is nothing useless about this group; in the sea of musical improv that sometimes reinforces stereotypes of gender and relationships, we need more algo- rhythms sharing rhythms and sounds of our hearts that feel like whispers with nowhere to go.

I hope they get their due fair and square. Call them to a venue close to you, recommend them to front-line festivals, and support them on their tour across the country. Don’t miss their performance of guaranteed giggles and guffaws.

Reviewer: Anisha Pucadyil

Reviewed: 22nd August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.