Tuesday, March 5

Absurd: A Live Cabaret Panel Show – PBH’s Free Fringe @ Roti

Absurd: A Live Cabaret Show was good, old-fashioned, silly fun!  The show sprang into action right out of the gate and began with a good helping of audience participation!  There were plenty of lighthearted, good humoured jokes about finding high quality cabaret in the basement of a restaurant. This variety show was an upbeat romp through a wide variety of acts.

We had magic, stand- up comedy, sketches and singing (sort of) all loosely held together by the semblance of a TV panel show. There were heaps of audience participation with games and gentle ribbing of those chosen for various antics. The acts were random and varied either the standouts were Nira Tal who was a very funny lady and Aaron Jones was very enjoyable to watch with his mix of humour, jokes and magic and of course his catchphrase ‘yeah…I’m pretty good’

All of this was led by the MC Ava Beaux, comedian and ‘#magish’, who did who did a wonderful job at getting the audience amped up and excited and stirring up a gel they rivalry between either side of the audience who were pitted against each other and given a captain.  Kane and Abel were good team leaders and managed to get a few good laughs out of the audience and did a few impressive tricks.

All in all, Absurd was an hour of escapism, with some funny close to the mark jokes and a nice variety of acts. Definitely worth a watch and don’t forget to tip!

Playing until 28th August, https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/absurd-a-live-cabaret-panel-show

Reviewer: Kat Clifford

Reviewed: 22nd August 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★