Tuesday, June 18

A Highly Suspect Murder On The Disorient Express – the Space @ Surgeons Hall

A fan of puzzles? How about murders? Do you fancy yourself quite the detective? Well let’s hope so as the real detective has been murdered and it’s up to you the crack the case and find out who did it in this fun and challenging murder mystery brought to you be Highly Suspect UK.

A journey on the Orient Express, what could possibly go wrong? Well another murder has occurred and this time it’s the detective that’s met his horrible end, but who could be responsible? Could it be Agar Thachristie (Michael Spencer) the dutch writer and former assistant to the late detective ,Ray Alwaycarriage (Joe Desborough) the lovable conductor, Dr Phil Steamahead (Seb Coombe) the doctor with a secret, the highly mysterious man from room 13 or Traynton Ells (Alice Woodsworth) the woman who owes the detective her life?

Presented by a brilliant group of performers you’ll be given everything you need to solve the murder and decipher each character’s motif. There’s a lot of clues to work through in a short period of time so I would recommend bringing a good sized group with you as you can work in teams to decode the puzzles given to you.

There was a very mixed audience of families, friends and couples who all seemed to be enjoying their time together with some of the youngest members coming up with facts of the case that most of us adults hadn’t even considered so I would recommend this show to all the family and especially those who enjoy things like escape rooms. That being said do not be afraid to go alone as I did, you may not get through all the puzzles but it’s still a fun challenge.

Expect a fun brain teaser accompanied by a symphony of train puns and wonderful cast of suspects.

A Highly Suspect Murder Mystery- Murder On The Disorient Express plays at The Space@ Surgeons Hall- Theatre 1 from 16th- 26th at 17:05

Buy tickets at https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/highly-suspect-murder-mystery-murder-on-the-disorient-express

Reviewer: Beth Eltringham

Reviewed: 16th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.