Sunday, December 4

A Gig For Ghosts – Soho Theatre

A Gig for Ghosts at The Soho Theatre is a heart-warming story that tells of the romance between Lilly and Amy. The show is a gig theatre show with one act. There is a lot more story to this show than other shows I’d the same format which helps to bring alive the characters. Although the subject matter is dark the script is also funny.

Amy (Hanora Carmen) has a morbid job administering deaths for forgotten people and Lilly (Rori Hawthorn) is temping and new to London. The two characters are complete opposite, Lilly is desperate to fall in love and Amy is more comfortable alone. In the first scene we learn that Lilly is dead and this hangs over us throughout the show.

The girls had convincing chemistry together and built believable characters. They were accompanied on stage by Maud (Liz Litchen) who impressively played the bass and drums at the same time! She used her bucket of scarfs to become other characters throughout the show.

The book and lyrics by Fran Bushe were swift with an engaging and poignant story. However, the pace dropped slightly towards the end and although the singing could do with a little work in places, I was blown away by the acting ability of all three leading ladies.

A special mention to the creatives here for not only adding a trigger warning to the show, but also a safety pack to help members of the audience who are uncomfortable with the themes.

Overall, this is a moving show with some beautiful music and fantastic acting.

Playing until 12th November,

Reviewer: Jennifer Laishley

Reviewed: 21st October 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★